The Urban Bean Co.

My hands-down no competition favorite coffee in life is the Pure Evil Latte from the Urban Bean Co. Why haven’t I posted about it sooner? Plain and simple, I’m intimidated. This hipster joint is way too cool for me and I can’t bring myself to ask for an interview or take pictures inside. I did … More The Urban Bean Co.

Happy Friday!

It’s 313 Day! The day Detroiters celebrate our (in)famous area code. I found this picture of Campus Martius from 1954 and it’s odd to imagine this Detroit. My favorite statue is surrounded by cement instead of grass (or sand as it will be shortly). The shiny glass buildings I identify with the landscape are missing … More Happy Friday!

The Top 10

It’s always interesting to see what blog post end up being popular. It often seems random and the posts I’m most excited for don’t get a lot of traffic or posts I feel could have been done better get lots of hits. Interestingly, my most popular post of all time is the International Literary Project … More The Top 10

Sweetwater Tavern

Detroit is on the rise and it’s fantastic, unless you want to grab a quick lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Then you think longingly back to the days when not so many people thought the city was as cool as you do.  Over the weekend Danny and I were downtown and decided to go to … More Sweetwater Tavern

Date Night 2016

  When we went to New York a couple years ago, topping my to-do list was a romantic evening with Danny atop the Empire State Building.  When we discovered this romantic evening would cost a hundred bucks for both of us (i.e. the cost of a fancy dinner in Detroit), we decided to forego the … More Date Night 2016