Sweetwater Tavern

Detroit is on the rise and it’s fantastic, unless you want to grab a quick lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Then you think longingly back to the days when not so many people thought the city was as cool as you do.  Over the weekend Danny and I were downtown and decided to go to … More Sweetwater Tavern

Date Night 2016

  When we went to New York a couple years ago, topping my to-do list was a romantic evening with Danny atop the Empire State Building.  When we discovered this romantic evening would cost a hundred bucks for both of us (i.e. the cost of a fancy dinner in Detroit), we decided to forego the … More Date Night 2016

Casino Nights

Detroit has three casinos and they are a favorite destination for Danny and my Mom. It makes for a nice evening although I occasionally get the feeling that I’m herding cats if certain slots “speak to them” in different areas.  I enjoy these trips because I like family time that everyone looks forward to. That … More Casino Nights

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my earliest childhood memories is of going downtown for America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I remember the adults setting up ladders and laying a plank of wood over them so the kids could see over people’s heads.  As an adult, I think that was an unnecessary amount of work but as a kid – … More Happy Thanksgiving

United Community Housing Coalition

Last week I attended the 40th Anniversary Membership Dinner for the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC).  It’s an organization I’ve been familiar with for a number of years, but the evening really emphasized to me the significance of the UCHC’s work.  The UCHC is a premier non-profit organization helping Detroit residents (homeowners and renters) remain … More United Community Housing Coalition

Happy Hour

Detroit’s best happy hour is at Roast.  That already sipped on glass of wine, filling Roast burger (English muffin, beef patty, cheese with a fried egg), and filled container of fries cost $11.  As you can imagine Roast is popular and there is always a fight for seats at the bar (you have to be … More Happy Hour

Model D & Co-Working

I’m not a great extrovert.  I don’t mind putting myself out there but it’s not easy for me to approach a stranger and start a conversation. It’s something I’m actively working on and Model D events are a great place to practice because they attract people who are looking to make a connection.  Yesterday was … More Model D & Co-Working