Fast Four

I’m ending my break from blogging. When I decided to stop, the events of the world left me feeling frivolous with my extra-curricular activity but since I stopped I discovered something – blogging can feel superficial but it really does help me to be a better person. Recording my actions and activities motivates me to … More Fast Four

Hungry Harvest

We’re trying to eat healthier around here but like oh so many things it’s hard! Neither of us know anything about gardening or produce so the basic step of picking the right tomato at Kroger can be a challenge. The stress of what meals to make, how to pick the right vegetable and the cost … More Hungry Harvest

Fast Four

I’m SO excited for the holiday weekend. I promised the guys I’ll be putting away the phone and I can’t wait. I’ll still use the camera and will have lots to share next week! Per last week’s posts, there are lots of changes coming to Detroit and I think Southwest will be the next boom … More Fast Four

Flowers of Vietnam

Flowers of Vietnam is one of the most talked about restaurants in Detroit these days. It’s been high on my to-try list and Danny surprised me with reservations for Mother’s Day. I went in with high expectations and from start to finish it didn’t disappoint. Going in I knew I wanted the caramel chicken wings … More Flowers of Vietnam

Pizza Pizza

I made two amazing pizzas Saturday night and have to share. Homemade pizza sounds like a lot of work but it’s not when you use Trader Joe’s herbed pizza dough. The vegetarian pizza I make often for company and it’s always a hit. If you don’t like goat cheese I still say give it a … More Pizza Pizza

Fast Four

Ugh, it’s happening again. – a blogging lull. I hate it because I have many post ideas but no time! I’m at the thick of it at work but I’m hoping that after this big project is completed (send positive vibes) that I can get into a routine that includes blogging and reading again. I … More Fast Four