Weekend Update

Saturday: I woke up earlier than I have in ages to give ACT tests to my MEP girls. I even took part of the test myself and I did better than I did in high school.  I did fabulous in reading.  I suck at anything but algebra AND I don’t know how to use a comma.  Next up, Mark’s 49th birthday party.  It was a lot of fun and I had a delicious hard cider.  We ended the evening watching the Irish take another victory at Mr. B’s.

Sunday: Danny planned a surprise date for us Sunday and it was perfect.  Michigan State had the grand opening for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.  It was so thoughtful because I love museums and he doesn’t.  However, he surprised me further by being a wonderful art critic and truly interested in the exhibit.  We spent two hours at the museum.  It was a dream come true.  We went to Baggar Dave’s for lunch and all I can say is that it’s overrated and not worth the cost. On our way to Lansing we passed Tanger Outlet and I noticed a Justice store.  I thought it was an outlet so I wanted to check it out to see if they had the shirt I’d planned to get Madison for her birthday.  We stopped by on our way back and it turns out the Justice wasn’t an outlet but Banana Republic was.  We stopped in and things got super awesome.  Major sales and more sales with a Banana Republic credit card meant that my dreams of fixing my fashion woes is one step closer to reality.

Not only that but my hubby has caught my fashion bug!  He’s ready to mature his wardrobe and dump the hoodies and unflattering jeans – for sleek jackets and fitted pants.  AND he agrees with me that having a good wardrobe can temporarily take priority over a house savings.  It might be vanity but I think clothes are important.  Wearing the same clothes as high school and even college in some instances leaves you with the same mentality and comfort level of those years.  We are definitely not teenagers and shouldn’t feel or act like we are.  New clothes = new confidence.  Confidence leads to amazing things.

And I think it’s working already.  Danny is very proud of his clothing picks (so am I).  He looks super sexy and best of all NO hoodie!

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