City Bakery French Toast

One of the highlights of our trip to NYC was the discovery of City Bakery’s french toast.  I wanted to check it out for a Gossip Girl experience and lucked out that Danny decided to try what turned out to be one of their signature offerings.  Since we’re not going back to the Big Apple anytime soon I searched for a replica recipe.  Not surprisingly Smitten Kitchen had one.  

We picked up the brioche bread from Avalon for a bargain price of $3.  Thankfully, I poured the custard on the bread before I took a taste of some crumbs because it’s very possible I would have eaten the entire loaf and never made the meal.  I let the bread soak during the day and Danny put it in the oven when he got home.  Our attempts to caramelize with the broiler failed so next time we’ll do it on the stove top.  There will definitely be a next time because the french toast was amazing and a must for special occasions.

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