Weekend Update

It was another action packed weekend.

Thursday: Danny and I stayed downtown after work and hit up Dangerously Delicious Pies.  Against my better judgement I tried something new and regretted it.  The sausage, fennel, tomato pie wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as delectable as the S.M.O.G and I had food envy.  Then we met Cara, Matt, and Will* at Comerica Park for the Tiger’s game.  It was great and the team won.

Friday: We had our first experience at the racetrack.  Chris organized a birthday party for Emily at the Hazel Park Raceway and it was a unique experience.  At $2 bets it’s a slow, cheap way to gamble and we had a good time.  We left a little early so that I could get home to bake cookies for Emily’s shower Saturday.  I tried a new recipe in order to find a chewy chocolate chip cookie and this recipe was a hit.

Saturday: I really pushed it in the morning and fit in the gym and a visit with Mom before heading to Ferndale for the shower.  The party was really nice.  The get to know you game was fun and the food was delicious!  I have to find out where Chris’ mom bought the pies.  Emily received a lot of nice presents and the cutest little helper in her baby cousin.

After the shower I went to the East side to Amyre’s graduation party.  It was a short but nice visit.  The Smiths (not blood related) recently moved to this BEAUTIFUL, large, old Detroit home and I have nothing but house envy.  Some days I would love to take the risk and buy a house in Detroit but most days I say “No Target, no way”.

I concluded the evening with a Girl’s Night In.  Katherine and Lindsey came over and we had a spiked slushy and watched Once Upon A Time.  We tackled quite a few episodes and I’m glad they both enjoyed it.

Sunday: We lost power in the evening and I thought it was still out when we woke up. I called Mr. B to cancel our dinner plans but he suggested I come and cook at his place.  Since I was going to have to get out of bed, I discovered we did have electricity and our dinner plans were back on.  Jonathan came with him and the meal went well.  I was surprised they enjoyed the mini apple pies I made as much as they did.  I was exhausted before they even left and literally passed out on the couch.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing and putting together my photo albums a project a full year behind.  We also caught up on household tasks and made our place much more homey.

*I didn’t realize Will was joining us and he’s so much talker than he use to be I thought Cara was accosting a stranger when she stopped to take a picture outside of the stadium.

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