Book Review: Tolstoy and the Purple Chair & Nom De Plume

I recently finished two books about books:  Nina Sankovitch’s Tolstoy and the Purple Chair and Carmela Ciuraru’s Nom de Plume.  Both were recommended by O magazine and neither were fantastic; however, each has inspired my next reading list.
TPC is a memoir reflecting on the year Sankovitch spent reading a book a day.  The concept immediately intrigued me because it is something I could imagine myself doing one day.  Unfortunately, I found her motive a tad disingenuous – or more accurately put conveniently used for the purpose of a book.
NDP is more or less a collection of short essays about various authors who used pseudonyms.  I enjoyed the histories of the writers (most of whom have a few loose screws) and have made a list of books for a nom de plume themed reading list.
That reading list will have to wait because I’m going to start a bigger literary project first…  

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