A VERY happy Birthday!

I did not plan to do anything for my birthday this year.  I’m not a big birthday person and since Danny was turning 30 I wanted the focus to be on him.  What a fail!!!  Although he did get what he asked for Danny didn’t really get anything special for his birthday.  I even forgot to get him a cake!!!

Friday Mr. B took us out for dinner and gave us the most thoughtful cards.  He buys them in advance and picked out Disney cards for both of us because I was DisneyBounding so much this summer. Saturday was action packed.  I didn’t really plan to have a dinner party/game night but when Cara asked what I wanted to do for my birthday it sounded like a lot of fun.  Cara and Lindsey were so sweet to get me a present and I feel awful because every time Cara has come over she has brought me something.  Anyway, game night was fantastic!  Perfect as far as I’m concerned.  Sunday we would have gone to dinner with Gina and Garrett but instead they came over for Once Upon A Time.  It was the best show of the season and my second favorite of the series!  Yesterday, Mom took us to a super fancy dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market and it was fantastic!  PLUS, both she watched Doc McStuffins* with me and I bought myself a Lambie.

I more or less expected those things.  What I never anticipated was Danny being so romantic and sweet! (He’s always a sweetie but he’s not usually romantic)

To start things off he took me to Cranbrook for the most romantic morning ever as we explored the gardens.  This weekend he finally made it to Teri and Todd’s to work on the nightstands* I’ve been anxiously waiting for.  I was able to tag along and played with Erin who I adore!  
But that was nothing compared to yesterday.  Danny works early on Thursdays and Fridays so when he said he worked early Monday I didn’t think anything of it.  You can’t imagine my surprise when I came home and learned he didn’t have work and instead sanded and painted the nightstands!  Not only that but he made me a cake with raspberry filling and dyed the frosting blue to be like Belle from Once Upon a Time!  He bought the most romantic card ever AND watched Doc with us even though he doesn’t especially enjoy it.  
Everything was amazing and I had the best birthday ever!  What a great way to start 26!
*More on this later

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