Happy Friday!


What a week! Our computer was completely fried (we lost everything), my car is broke and we lost electricity.  Fortunately, it’s was a short work week AND the Wayne County building was finally purchased.  The beautiful domed structure downtown has been vacant for years and was one of the standout examples of Detroit’s deficiencies.  Details on the buyers and their plans are scarce but I’ll definitely be monitoring the development closely.

As for the weekend, I plan to write, write, write.  I’m suffering from hand cramps but I don’t mind.  I absolutely can’t write on a computer.  My creative thoughts flow through the pen only.  Since I can’t be a recluse all weekend, I have some real-life plans Saturday night.  I’ll be in Midtown for the Concert of Colors and dinner with Mom, B and Aunt Margaret.  I also want to make it to the Hs bonfire.  I’ve seen plenty of Gwennie but not so much Lindsey.

P.S. This is Detroit

(Source: The Rap Sheet)

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