Happy Friday!

Like many little girls I wanted to be a ballerina as a child.  Unfortunately, I have zero coordination skills and can barely manage the Cupid Shuffle.  I still enjoy the ballet and try to see one performance a year.  Through the Maker Project, I was made aware of Misty Copeland – the first soloist black ballerina for the American Ballet Theatre.  
When I was growing up there weren’t a lot of famous people who looked like me. For that reason, my peers generally compared me to Oprah because it was the only other person of color they knew.  I hated it.  Thankfully, a lot has changed in the past two decades.  Our pool of public figures is a lot more diverse and that makes me hopeful that young girls can avoid some of the challenges I faced.  
Another reason I admire Misty is her figure.  You can see every muscle in her body and I think its a positive contrast to the idea that ballerina’s must be rail thin and anorexic.  I hope this Under Armour ad  garners Ms. Copeland lots of media attention because she is a positive role model for so many.
Now on to the weekend… it’s a three day weekend for me which is nice.  Tonight friends are coming over for a beer tasting party for next week’s Detroit Beer Week on the blog.  Saturday is a family brunch and Gwenie will be spending the evening with us.  Sunday it’s off to the Eastside to go to church with Granny and stop by Coffee and (______) for a delicious breakfast.  I’ll also be assisting Mom with some household projects. Monday will be cleaning, errand running and – of course – Major Crimes!

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