Touch-A-Truck on the Riverfront

detroit riverfront, touch a truck

Too many parenting hours are spent asking/pleading with Lucas to ‘come here’, ‘don’t touch’, ‘be careful’ and saying the dreaded ‘no’. These fun phrases are used even more frequently when we’re out of the house because the world is not baby proofed. I hate using these words. I LOVE that Lucas is adventurous and I want to encourage him to explore and discover new things. This weekend we went to the Touch-A-Truck event on the Riverfront and it allowed me to be the mom I want to be instead of the mom I often have to be.

Dozens of trucks were stationed on the W. Jefferson Riverfront park and kids could touch, climb, honk horns and run freely.  There were plenty of people but not too many people that it felt crowded. To top it off the weather was absolutely perfect.

We let Lucas lead the way and he loved being in the driver seat. The endless possibilities wore the little guy out and he voluntarily went in his stroller for a bit while Danny and I walked along the river.

I love many things about Detroit but the Riverfront is probably my favorite. The city has made great strides in recent years but we are inevitably behind in many areas. The Riverfront is a place we excel. I’ve seen waterfronts in other big cities and proudly feel that ours is the best. The west riverfront park is one of the latest improvement the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy has made and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

In the meantime, I look forward to many weekend trips to enjoy and explore the river.

DSC_9876detroit riverfront conservancy, touch a truck, detroitdetroit riverfront, touch a truckDSC_9885truck a truck, detroit, riverfrontdetroit riverfront, touch a truckdetroit riverfront, touch a truck

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