Month 9 Round II

  Yes, it’s a fake fruit BUT where would I find a pumpkin in February? The final update and picture, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. The first several weeks were miserable but since October it’s really been smooth sailing. I can’t wait to see what this little man looks like and … More Month 9 Round II

Month 8 Round II

  It’s butternut squash month and the reality that Sam will be here in two months is becoming more and more real. He’s easy to care for now, I don’t know how I’ll manage when he’s on the outside… How far along?  32 weeks and 6 days Total weight gain/loss: 20lbs+ I’m sure and I just know it’ll … More Month 8 Round II

Month 7 Round II

It’s 2019 and that means Sam will be here this year! I can’t wait to meet our little man and am surprised that an eggplant does seem larger than a cantaloupe… How far along?  28 weeks and 6 days Total weight gain/loss: 15lbs at my last appointment but I’m sure it’s closer to 20lbs at this point. Maternity … More Month 7 Round II

Month 9

It’s the home stretch. One month from today we may have a baby. I don’t pretend to guess if he’ll be early, punctual or late. Currently, I have no symptoms. An occasional round ligament pain but rarely. Ironically, Lucas’ former elusive movements have increased so I guess he still has room and is enjoying life. I … More Month 9

Month 8

The look of a sick and stuffy pregnant lady… Less than two months away from meeting Lucas. It’s exciting and nerve-wrecking simultaneously. Honestly, my nerves are being wrecked regardless. This kid’s movement is consistently inconsistent and I can never tell if he’s a narcoleptic like me, chill like Danny or distressed. The fact that recognizing … More Month 8

Month 7

I’ve reached the point where my shirt kind of hangs there… the transition from second to third trimester has begun and I’m not sure I’m ready. The second trimester was a breeze. I’m still on the meds but they work so I can eat what I like (but with the luxury of no cravings). I … More Month 7

Month 6

Six months seems like forever and no time at all! I don’t want to wish time away – especially since I love the holiday season, quality time with Danny and sleep – but I can’t wait to meet our little man. It becomes more real every day and we both are anxious to hold him … More Month 6

Month 5

I’m hoping I’m passed the halfway point now. I’m finally showing and it’s weird to see – I can’t imagine what it will be like next month! I love our little guy and can’t wait to hold him in my arms. In the meantime, I relish every kick and there are plenty to enjoy. The … More Month 5

Month 4

When my Levinland co-workers were pregnant, I’d bring weekly fruit for photo-ops. I recently asked Sheila if she found me super annoying and was glad she at least won’t admit it. As previously noted, it’s unlikely I’ll be doing weekly posts. My overall enthusiasm is on an uptick; however, I remain fairly cautious. Mainly because … More Month 4