Parenting Practice

Aside from a late night BSG game Friday night we didn’t have any real weekend plans so I decided to collect some kids.  Brett and Lindsey wanted to work on their basement and I volunteered to watch the girls Saturday.  Since the summer is almost over I thought it would be a good idea to have Aidan over for the boys weekend Danny talked about in July.

It was a nice weekend.  I took the girls to the park for a while, made lunch and watched movies.  Danny took Aidan to a food truck rally and then they played videogames into the wee hours of the night/morning.  Cory came over Sunday and they hit the pool.

It was fun activities for babysitting but I desperately hope to avoid depending on the television when we have kids.  I did rent books from the library but they weren’t as popular as Disney Princess videos.  In my parenting fantasy my future children will love to sit down and read books.  I’d also love to spend as many hours outdoors as I can.  I grew up very opposed to being outside but as I’ve gotten older I appreciate parks and sports much more.  I hope my grown up qualities rub off on my children and my bad ones aren’t inherited.

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