August Round Up

I posted my goals for the month at the beginning of August.  I’m satisfied with my accomplishments for the most part.  I saw a lot of people even if my personal enrichment left much to be desired.  All in all not too bad and I have September to kick things in gear.

Here are my August goals:

  • Run 5 days a week/Gym 3 days a week
  • Complete the Codecademy (or at least keep on track) <—– been trying to read!
  • Read at least 4 books. <—– I'm not as fast of a reader as I hoped
  • Make a new meal every week
  • Go to Eastern Market
  • Try two new things a month
  • Watch The King’s Speech   <—– watching tonight
  • Decorate our half-bath  <—– hall and kitchen were improved as an added bonus
  • Plan a romantic date for Danny   <—- in an unexpected twist Danny planned a romantic date for me!
  • Have the first 3 weeks of MEP completely set <—– I have a tentative schedule but I can't implement until Melanie gets back to me
On top of things I want to accomplish, I have a list of activities to attend.  Here’s the interim list:
  • Family BBQ at Julia’s
  • Family BBQ at Heather’s
  • OUAT season 2 release party with Gina
  • Tiger’s game with Cara & Matt
  • Emily’s birthday party at the race track
  • Emily’s bridal shower
  • Slow’s with Raechel & Carlos  <——Have to reschedule
  • A little office work for Aunt Margaret  <—– We weren't needed
  • Baby-sit Kensley
  • Pilates with Sarah
  • Eastern Market with Teri
  • Girls night with Lindsey and Katherine
  • Graduation dinner for Mom
  • Dinner(s) with Mr. B and Jonathan
  • BSG game night with Hakalas
  • Sleepover with Aidan
  • Baby-sit Hakala girls
  • Mall walk with Melissa
  • Detroit Jazz Festival with Mom

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