Fast Four


I’ve got a few shows I’m trying to watch this fall and a new addition is Single Parents. I love Leighton Meester from her Gossip Girl days (Chuck & Blair were a ‘table number’ at our wedding reception) and am thrilled that the show is genuinely great. The cast fits together perfectly and the show is hilarious.

I really love Parents magazine and a few months ago they suggested following Busy Phillips on Instagram. This month she was featured in an interview and I love her even more. She acknowledges that she wings it with parenting and has few rules for her kids, she doesn’t accept the mommy juice culture which also confuses me, and she talks about challenges in her marriage which I think are common and important to acknowledge. If you’re looking for a cool celebrity mom to follow IG, she’s a winner.

IG ad targeting showed me these lovely cupcakes that I’ll be making for a Monday night dinner very soon.

The Duke and Duchess aren’t the only ones expecting this spring….

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