If I had to identify the reason for Detroit’s resurgence, I would without hesitation name Slows BBQ. The anchor of Corktown is in my mind the catalyst for New Detroit and the starting point for what we see today. I don’t want to diminish the work of others who were in the city prior to … More Slows

My Favorite Place In Detroit: Mudgie’s

This post is long overdue. I don’t like to make declarative statements because I don’t want to lose credibility but Mudgie’s is my absolute favorite place to eat in the city and the place I go to most often. It is regularly voted the best of Detroit and for good reason. Their deli sandwiches are beyond … More My Favorite Place In Detroit: Mudgie’s

Detroit SOUP Part I: The Program

Detroit SOUP is everything I love about Detroit, city living and my generation.  For a suggested donation of $5 you get a homemade meal, a setting to connect with people invested in strengthening the community and the opportunity to make a difference by helping an organization/business receive money for a specified project. I’ve read a … More Detroit SOUP Part I: The Program